Waiting for Summer Klistrat inlägg

Between earth and sky

It was time for driving along the Ionian coast, in the south of Apulia, to breath and contemplate the outstretched sea view Fortsätt läsa Between earth and sky

New gem Klistrat inlägg

A safe new start

After some weeks of ’staying safe at home’, it is time for a new beginning and new perspectives by keeping safe measures upon every day life. … Fortsätt läsa A safe new start

Abericot Klistrat inlägg

Walk in progress

”The earth has music for those who listen” – William Shakespeare Please follow and like us: Fortsätt läsa Walk in progress

My Holidays in Apulia Klistrat inlägg

Step 2

Good morning, stay safe and keep on running! Wishing everybody a good new week Please follow and like us: Fortsätt läsa Step 2