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Book your Culinary Dates in Apulia

Welcome in Apulia, Southern Italy!

Are you ready to book your culinary date in Apulia, Southern Italy?

We are very glad to announce our new dates for culinary classes in seasons 2020/2021 in Lecce at Sieglinde apartment                                 (CIS: LE07503591000000616)

You may choose among:

–  5 Days Cooking Lessons


– One or Two Days Cooking lessons
in seasons 2020 and 2021: 

–  September 7th – September 11th 2020                                                                                                                                                                                                      Culinary Classes: Monday, September 7th – Friday, September 11th 2020

in Lecce, Apulia

–  October 26th – October 30th 2020

Culinary Classes: Monday, October 26th – Friday, October 30th 2020

in Lecce, Apulia

–  April 5th – April 9th 2021

Culinary Classes: Monday, April 5th – Friday, April 9th 2021

in Lecce, Apulia

–  May 24th – May 28th 2021

Culinary Classes: Monday, May 24th – Friday, May 28th 2021

in Lecce, Apulia

–  June 21st – June 25th 2021

Culinary Classes: Monday, June 21st – Friday, June 25th 2021

in Lecce, Apulia

–  September 13th – September 17th 2021

Culinary Classes: Monday, September 13th – Friday, September 17th 2021

in Lecce, Apulia

– October 25th – October 29th 2021

Culinary Classes: Monday, October 25th – Friday, October 29th 2021

in Lecce, Apulia

These Cooking Lessons and Culinary Classes are ideal for children and ‘older children’, for experiencing and tasting the ancient flavors of the poor authentic Apulia gastronomy. You are very welcome, thank you!

– Total Cost/ 5 Days Cooking Lessons* is € 225 x person (all inclusive: full immersion Hands on Cooking  Lessons Program  + dinners ).

                                                                       * * *

– Total Cost/ One Day Cooking Lesson is € 45 x person (all inclusive – homemade different kinds of  traditional pasta fresca – dinner + wine )

– Total Cost /One Day Cooking Lesson is € 30 x children (all inclusive – easy recipes + dinner)

–  Total Cost/ Two Days Cooking Lesson is €70 x person  (all inclusive – Italian recipes for food  lovers and gourmets + dinners + wine)

– All cooking lessons last about 3/3,5 hours. Availability for 6 guests.

– Join us for a visit by vineries and local cellars and enjoy grape harvest 2020! Be in contact with nature and taste the ancient tradition of making good wine.

– For more info or for booking your culinary date, you are welcome to contact us  here, thank you :

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