My Holidays in Apulia ®

My Holidays in Apulia®

Our Accommodations For Your Tailor- Made Holiday Stays in Apulia, Southern Italy
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Why do you choose to visit Apulia in this season 2023?

Apulia is ancient precious case filled with history, tradition, culture in the South of Italy. At this proper, we point at several opportunities for exploring this warm, welcoming, sunny land, regarded as crossroads between East and West cultures and cradle of ancient myths, millenary civilizations and vernacular languages, which, nowadays, are almost extinct. The geographically privileged position of this region, overlooking the other Countries belonging to the Mediterranean area, allows Apulia to play a relevant role in international relations (be import-export, politics, economy, business etc.). Visitors can experience all of this through the history of Apulia and its mixture of tradition, art and culture handed on from father to son. In relation to this, trusting a vocational training strongly motivated by love for our ancient roots and by a lifelong experience in cultural exchanges with guests from all over the world, we aim at offering a valid support for a successful and exhaustive cultural information program to those, who choose a holiday stay by our accommodations. Therefore, do not miss the chance of joining us in one or more of the several tours we manage and recommend during your stay by our My Holidays in Apulia® accommodations. (©Giuseppa Sallustio)

Here it is a small sample of the numerous options you can tailor in order to suit your own requirements and to enjoy an exclusive holiday in our “unique kaleidoscopic territory”.

  • Puglia Gastronomy Routes: local food markets, farm and dairy produces and products.
  • Puglia Traditional Slow Paths: winery and wine tasting, hypogeous oil mill and olive oil tasting, ancient handwork process for bread and pasta
  • Baroque Architectures Itineries
  • Exploring Apulia typical “Works of Art and Handicrafts”: forged iron and copper, shaped terracotta, leccese stone decorations, decorated glass, papier mâché and handmade embroidered textiles
  • Archaelogical Sites Visiting and Museums, Healthy Walks in Suggestive Natural Parks. 
  • Golf playing, Bike Tour, Hiking and Trekking in the Surrounding Country Area. (©Giuseppa Sallustio)
Let’s plan your beautiful made to measure holiday stay in Apulia for you and for your family
Book your holiday stay and cook with us
Spring and Autumn are fantastic months for holidays in Apulia:
– Enjoy honeyed tones and atmospheres, the golden sandy beaches and crystal waters
– Hike into nature and taking photographs of outstretched landscapes
– Visit small towns in the heart of Apulia and its old baroque art
– Taste local good food and traditional dishes
ONE WEEK STAY by our accommodations Sieglinde (in Lecce), Selma or Linda (in Gallipoli) and we will be glad to run for you ONE EXCLUSIVE COOKING LESSON FOR FREE

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