God morgon,gjutjärnsbröd Sticky

Casserole Bread for Breakfast

Please follow and like us: Casserole Bread for Breakfast weiterlesen

Aprikosträd Sticky

A new Spring dress

Our trees are wearing their new Spring dress and we patiently wait, in a contemplative mood, for their fruits. Please follow and like us: A new Spring dress weiterlesen

Glad påsk Sticky

Easter Monday 2020

Despite the terrible historical time humanity is experiencing, nature continues to make a gift of its great little miracles in everyday life. Easter Monday 2020 weiterlesen

Glad påsk Sticky

Glad påsk!

Utmärkt bröd direkt från ugnen för att önska alla en trevlig påskhelg! Excellent bread right out from the oven for wishing everybody a nice Easter weekend! … Glad påsk! weiterlesen

Påskveckan Sticky


Påskveckan: en säker promenad för alla! Easter week: a safe walk for everyone! Osterwoche: ein sicherer Spaziergang für alle! Please follow and like us: Påskveckan weiterlesen