About our Accommodations

Travellers and guests are very welcome for enjoing a tailor made holiday-stay in Apulia region, the heel of Italy, where the Adriatic and the Ionian Sea meet.

Our accommodations are available and suitable to different kinds of holiday situations: short breaks from daily routine, romantic honeymoons, or much longer stays for families, for (Apulia) Puglia cuisine lovers and gourmets, for those, who are particularly interested in local history, geology studies, archaeologic sites visitings or for those, who love nature and enjoy trekking, photography and art.

Besides, since 2020, the pandemic situation in the world has been forcing many professionals to experience the remote work, be from home or from a new office. In peculiar situations, some people have been even in the position of taking a gap year and catching the opportunity of travelling far away from their densely populated neighbourghood or urban centers. So, a new trend of travelling has been emerging very fast to open the door to different kinds of travellers, be digital nomads, relaxury, purposeful travellers or local explorers, who have been choosing holiday spots or special cultural destinations for a wide range of reasons: to relax and enjoy a vacation, in order to reconnect with family or friends, or to find peace of mind and even keep on working.

According to their own liking, our guests may choose among different kinds of holiday-stays in relation to the area where our accommodations are situated:

Sieglinde (CIS: LE07503591000000616) is a beautiful, well-catered 19th century vaulted ceiling apartment, only few steps away from the historical center of Lecce, a Baroque art jewel of Apulia.

Selma (CIS: LE07503191000000617) and Linda (CIS: LE07503191000000618) are two apartments of a Mediterranean styled villa, just few steps from the sandy beach and only one kilometer from the sea town of Gallipoli, on the Ionian coast.

Amandine (CIS: LE07500691000000619) is a comfortable, cosy, independent, modern styled, first floored apartment with a wide terrace on the roof in Aradeo, a small town that is situated in a geographically strategic position between the Adriatic and the Ionian sea.