My Holidays in Apulia®

In the green heart of the city

Summer season is at the door and the most beautiful natural vault in the green heart of the Baroque Lecce turns to its green foliage dress. It is worth a visit.

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A small dove on my balcony

Hello! This morning I was going to check for the small plants of golden tomatoes on my balcony, since I water them quite often, mostly twice a day, when I saw this little beauty taking a rest in the vase of the daisies and contemplating the view. Very quickly, I grabbed my camera and slowly

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On Mother’s Day 2022

It is our desire to express our best wishes to all mothers in the world. Besides, our heartfelt thoughts and affectionate closeness go, in particular way, to those mothers, who are fighting against a bad illness and to those, who are suffering and struggling to protect their children in the middle of an insane war.

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