My Holidays in Apulia ®

My Holidays in Apulia®

Our Accommodations For Your Tailor-Made Holiday Stays in Apulia, Southern Italy

Linda Apartment on the First Floor of a Mediterranean Styled Villa on the Ionian Coast

Linda apartment(CIS: LE07503191000000618) is on the first floor of a typical Mediterranean styled villa, surrounded by the garden, among maritime pines, oleanders and honeysuckles. The accommodation is situated by a holiday district of Gallipoli and is only a couple kilometers from the center of the town on the Ionian coast.

Linda Apartment (CIS: LE07503191000000618)

Linda apartment boasts three bedrooms, comfortably giving lodging to five (5) guests. There is only one full bathroom with shower. A long pine table with chairs and a cupboard are into an adorable living room, where a fireplace can also be used as BBQ. Pine sliding doors divide the dining area from a wide kitchen equipped for self-catering. A lovely sun-porch is the proper place for toasting Italian holidays in a good local rosé wine and mouthwatering, Mediterranean flavoured appetizers. Right over the gate of the villa a short foot-path leads straight to the beach in a couple minutes of walk.

From the panoramic motorway Lecce-Gallipoli-S.Maria di Leuca (ss101-274), that is situated on the back of the tourist district, where the villa is situated, guests can explore the most beautiful places of the Southern Apulia area. It is possible to go trekking in a gorgeous natural park, for example, on the Ionian coast, from where, after a twenty minutes walk through the maritime pine-wood, you will discover a tiny beach in front of a blue-sky sea: it looks like a small paradise! Visit little villages, where you can even breath art and history and discover about local culture. Leuca, the extreme part of Apulia, is very easy to reach through the picturesque seaside road. From there, at sunrise, you can enjoy watching the suggestive scenery of the pink Albanian mountains. Otranto, on the Adriatic coast, is the historical town of martyrs. The remains of the martyrs are kept in the treasure chests of the cathedral, where there is also an antique precious mosaic floor representing the tree of life.

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My Holidays in Apulia ®

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