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your Holiday Stay 2024 in Apulia

Let’s bring some Christmas light home. It’s a pretty way to start and wish everyone good morning from Sieglinde Accommodation (CIS LE07503591000000616)Is it too early to think about next year 2024 holidays? At My Holidays in Apulia®,travellers and guests are very welcome for enjoing a tailor – made holiday stay in Apulia region, the heel […]

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The Roman Amphitheater in Lecce

The Roman Amphitheater in Lecce

Another jewel of art in one of the main squares of Lecce, here it is the imposing Roman Amphitheater. It dates back approximately to the first and second century AC and it is amazing to see that it is still there. Indeed, it is possible to admire only 1/3 of the entire oval-shaped architectural structure,

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City coat of arms

Lecce and the city coat of Arms

In the square, after the Patron Saints’ celebrations For those, who visit Lecce, in Apulia region, in the South of Italy, it is natural to turn eyes to the sky and to look at the magnificent, precious casket of Baroque art within the city center. The sightseers become spectators of the rich Baroque lines that,

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On Mother’s Day 2022

It is our desire to express our best wishes to all mothers in the world. Besides, our heartfelt thoughts and affectionate closeness go, in particular way, to those mothers, who are fighting against a bad illness and to those, who are suffering and struggling to protect their children in the middle of an insane war.

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